Sword Slinger

Slay goblins with style by using wits and magic in this unique puzzle game! Create complex magic chains and watch as your sword slams and slaughters goblins. Levels are open-ended and reward creative and original solutions.

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Cryptographer is a challenging puzzle-platformer that rewards player skill. Make use of bombs, switches, gates, and cannons to clear a path to the escape portal. Be careful with your navigation, however, because the crypt walls collapse as you move.

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More Projects

Godot Export

Godot Export

Godot Export is a GitHub action that automatically builds your Godot games.

Drowsy Dragon

Drowsy Dragon

Drowsy Dragon is my entry in collaboration with Aditon for the GTMK2020 jam.

Egg Hero

Egg Hero is my entry in collaboration with Aditon for Ludum Dare 46.

Game Feel Demo

An experiment in game feel and juice, with MIT-licensed source code available on GitHub!

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