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Fact Sheet

Sword Slinger


Screen1 Sword Slinger is a unique physics-based puzzle game about slaying goblins by controlling a sword with magical behaviors. You’ll combine chains of magical behaviors together to create complex and original solutions.

A magic block consists of a trigger and an action. The goal is to slay the goblins in a level by building and tweaking these blocks.

Crafting solutions with these magical behaviors is challenging and engaging. The open-ended nature of each level provides you with total creative freedom to solve the puzzles in your own way.


  • 50 open-ended physics-based puzzle levels
  • 10 chain-able magical behaviors
  • 7 achievements


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Dev vlogs were done for this game on my YouTube channel.


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About the Developer

Firebelley is an indie game developer and software engineer. He is based out of Northeast Ohio. He created Sword Slinger over a period of 7 months, routinely working on the game in the evenings after his normal 8 hour work day.

He is fascinated with the idea that simple inputs can create complex outputs. This idea was the basis for creating Sword Slinger, which is fundamentally about linking small behavior blocks to create clever or complex solutions.

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